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Aftercare Cleaning of your Carpets and upholstery

So you just got your carpet and upholstery cleaned! How do you maintain it? The first thing we always tell people is prevention is the best method. Here are 3 things you can do right now to help maintain the cleanliness of your home after your carpets and upholstery have been professionally cleaned.

1. Take off your shoes

Do not walk around your house with shoes on. Shoes pick up all sort of dirt when you are outside and you drag this dirt into your home. Your carpets can get really dirty quite quickly again. Get used to leaving your shoes at the door and tell your guests to do the same. This is probably the best method out of all of them if you want to keep your house cleaner for longer. Walk around your house with socks or slippers on and you will see for yourself how much cleaner your house stays.

2. Add Stain Protection or sealer

At Showpiece Cleaning, we can spray a fibre protection on your carpet or upholstery. This protection will help prevent spillages or stains eating into the fibres and you can clean the stain very easily with a quick wipe. A stain protector can last up to 12 months depending on the traffic in your area. If you have a hard floor like tile then you can get a sealer coated on to protect your tiles which will make them last years. It’s recommended to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned once per year at a minimum and then you can get the fibre protection added every year so your sofas and carpets stay clean.

3. Try not to eat in rooms with carpet & Upholstery

Eating and drinking are the main causes of stains. Spillages from tea/coffee/juice/soda/beer can be tough to remove because they have food colouring added or dyes. If left for too long then these stains can be permanent. It’s best to eat in the dining area and then relax in the sitting room area. I know this is difficult to do if you have kids or friends over. If you do have to eat in your sitting room area then it’s probably best to buy a throw-over to cover the seats of your sofa.

If you can follow these 3 simple steps then you will keep your carpet and sofas cleaner for longer. Regular vacuuming can also help a lot. It’s important to buy a good vacuum cleaner for your home. Most of the dirt found in a carpet is dry dirt. This can be vacuumed out regularly and it will also help if you or someone in your family has allergies.

Remember, if you ever have a stain or spillage it’s best to act fast. Call us here at Showpiece Cleaning if you live in the Limerick area or else contact your local professional cleaning company. We are rated one of the top carpet and upholstery cleaners in Limerick

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