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Cleaning Stains on Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet and upholstery looks great when you first get it professionally cleaned but maintaining it can be difficult, especially if you have a busy household. What happens when you spill something on your carpet or sofa? Well, this depends on the material of your carpet or sofa and it also depends on what caused the stain. Things like coffee and tea can cause a browning effect and it can be tough to remove. Orange juice may have a dye or food colouring added and this can be permanent if left too long.

If your sofa is made of linen or cotton then it is known as a gentle fabric and it should not be wet cleaned unless you use a special upholstery cleaning shampoo. Spilling coffee on this will be tough to remove and it’s best that you call a professional carpet cleaning company near you to get this stain removed as soon as possible.

What most people do when they spill something is, they either give it a quick dab and forget about or they use a household chemical and scrub the stain really hard. This will damage the fibres of your carpet or upholstery and it may never go back to normal. Some of these household carpet cleaning chemicals that you buy in a hardware shop like B&Q may even cause bleaching. If bleaching occurs after you try to clean out a stain then it will never come out unless you re-dye this area.

For sofa cleaning, we highly recommend not turning the other side of the cushion over so you can’t see the stain anymore. The longer a stain is left then the harder it is to get out. Food and drink are the worst to clean if left too long. This is because the food colouring gets into the fabric and sits there. After a period of a few months it practically “dyes” the fabric and this stain may never be removed.

If you spill something on your carpet or sofa then it’s best to call us quickly. Showpiece offers late carpet cleaning services in the Limerick area. Act fast when a stain or spill occurs. Do not wait months or years to remove this stain as it may never be fully removed. We can clean the smell and odor from a stain but the look of the stain may stay.

What’s the first thing I should do when something spills on my carpet or sofa?

Act Fast. Call your local professional carpet cleaning company as soon as you so they can remove the stain with the correct cleaners and equipment. If you want to use household cleaning products then do but there is a chance that they may bleach or dye the stained area.

Is there anything I can do to prevent stains?

Yes. You can get a stain protection sprayed to your carpet or upholstery. This is like a thin layer of protection that repels most stains and you can simply wipe it off if you get to it fast. You can also stop wearing shoes around your house as shoes bring dirt in. Keep your shoes at the door. Try not eat food or drink in rooms with upholstery or carpet. I know that’s a hard ask as we all love to chill out with a bit of food or drink in-front of the telly but doing this will prevent spillages.

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