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Marble Polishing Limerick

We will polish natural stones such as Limestone, Marble & Travertine

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Limerick Marble Floor Polishing Service

The truth is, like any organic substance, marble, limestone, terrazzo and travertine is susceptible to wear and tear, weather and the chemicals found in most common household cleaners, so it can lose its natural luster and strength. But, a properly maintained marble floor will actually appreciate in value-with a better-than-new appearance; increased safety; improved ease of maintenance and longer life for your marble floor, for as little as 10% of the cost of replacement.

At Showpiece we will take all the factors that will effect the strength and appearance of your marble floor into account- including the age, location and type of stone, installation current and past cleaning and maintenance practices and more. The restoration process involves a careful evaluation of your stone, followed by the stripping away of unsightly wax. The marble is then expertly resurfaced using diamond pads to remove blemishes and scratches, and then polished to a natural high-gloss finish, without using wax. 

We clean, polish and seal natural stone floors or table tops such as marble, limestone and travertine. Travertine is a very porous tile and sometimes holes can appear. These holes will need to be filled before any polishing is done. Limestone can have a polished or very porous uneven finish. You must be careful which diamond polishing pads you use when polishing limestone as it could ruin the finish of your tile. Marble is our favourite to polish as most of the time it’s pretty straight forward if it has been installed correctly. 

How We Clean & Polish Your Marble Floors


Our first step in cleaning your marble or natural stone floors is giving your tiles a deep clean to remove any dirt or dust that lays on top of them We use an alkaline cleaner so it does not damage or etch your marble.


To polish your marble we need to use diamond pads. We choose a grit that is suitable for your floors. We start on a low grit and raise it each time. The low grit removes scratches, high grit makes it shine.


During the polishing process, a milky residue will come from your natural stone floors. This is the restoration process and does not cause any damage to your floors. We have to extract this residue each time.


After we have finished going up all the grits necessary with our diamond pads, we then need to seal your floor. Here was can use a special powder that is spread on and buffed in with our floor buffer.

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Elaine WilliamsElaine Williams
18:04 24 Apr 22
Excellent services, reliable and efficient, I would highly recommend
Finola HoganFinola Hogan
15:18 09 Apr 22
Thank you Dave of Showpiece Cleaning .You did an amazing job on my windows, gutters & carpets. A very professional company which I would highly recommend.
Robina JonesRobina Jones
12:29 08 Mar 22
Excellent job. Very prompt to do the job & left the premises pristine.
Mary PowetMary Powet
19:30 16 Feb 22
Dave cleaned my carpets in my landing and stairs. Dave also cleaned my couch in my sitting room and it looks like new. I am delighted with the professional service and would highly recommend Dave.
Carol QuinlanCarol Quinlan
19:01 07 Feb 22
Fantastic Service, was absolutely thrilled with the result, Dave was extremely professional and great at what he does! Will definitely be using ye again! Thanks a mill
Tríona O'CTríona O'C
20:57 03 Dec 21
A great job on the windows and gutters as always. A delight to deal with and very efficient.
Michael “Mike”Michael “Mike”
19:54 01 Sep 21
Great job done. F&S and windows needed a good clean.
Lorraine McNamaraLorraine McNamara
13:16 07 Aug 21
Very efficient, excellent job done on my very dirty windows and great value for money, would highly recommend.
Patricia MurtaghPatricia Murtagh
13:52 12 Nov 20
Very, very happy with the service provided. Arrived on time and worked solidly while here. Would recommend highly and will use David's services again.

Natural Stone Cleaning and Polishing

We provide specialised marble cleaning and polishing in Limerick. With our unique cleaning system, your marble floors will look clean for years with maintenance. We also provide limestone cleaning and polishing and travertine cleaning and polishing services.

To get your natural stone floors or table tops clean, you need a specialised and professional cleaning service with the right diamond pads and the right equipment. Trained professionals will know how to identify and clean natural stone surfaces.

Polishing natural stones is done with diamond pads and the correct grits must be used to remove scratches and then bring your floor back to a shine.  i

marble polishing limerick
Marble Polishing in Limerick

Etch mark removal from marble and stone floors

Etches are caused by the acid content in spills reacting with the calcium in stone. Acidic substances include wine, fruit juice, vinegar or harsh cleaning chemicals not intended for cleaning natural stone. This can show as roughness and remove the shine. Etches can only be removed by honing and polishing.

Sealing marble and stone floors

Stone is naturally porous; any liquid spilled on unsealed stone will seep into the stone and stain. By sealing the stone, you effectively seal the pores. This prevents the spill soaking into the stone, leaving it on the surface where it can be cleaned up. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, as they can penetrate if left.

Polished natural stone reflects light and does not need a topical coating or wax to achieve a high gloss finish. We recommend sealing with a topical seal on heavily trafficked floors in commercial environments, or on travertine, quarry or terracotta tiles due to their highly porous nature.

Stone sealers break down in the presence of UV light, when cleaned with harsh cleaners or because of general wear. It is therefore recommended that you re-seal your stone every two to three years.


Most frequently questions and answers

Yes, of course. All of our technicians are fully insured to carry out any marble polishing or natural stone polishing work. If you need proof we can show you a document of our insurance when we arrive

When cleaning and polishing marble or any natural stone floor, the area will have to be fully cleared. This job is tough and can get messy, plus all areas need to be polished so all furniture will need to be removed from the areas.

Diamond pads are we use on our floor polishing machine. These pads come in all sorts of grits. Low grits like 80 grit are used to remove scratches and as you get higher in the grits the floor gets shinier and shinier. At first, your floor will get dull but then it comes to a shine as we progress with the pads.

No. We use a powder to seal your floor and it does take time to set. I don’t recommend walking on your floor for at least a few hours. 

The honest answer is yes. Polishing marble is a tough and messy job and if it’s not done right then it’s easy to cause damage. We also have to purchase diamond pads to carry out the work which are expensive.

How It Works

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Schedule Your Free Quotation

We know your time is valuable and that is why our scheduling is convenient and hassle-free. You can schedule an appointment using our email feature or call to speak with us directly.

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Walk through Inspection

We will call on the time arranged so we can talk to you about what you need and explain our marble floor cleaning process. We have to take measurements and information so we can do the job right for you.

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Let's Get To Work On Your Floor

After you approve your project, we get to cleaning. The first step in cleaning marble floors is to remove all dirt from the top of your tiles with a deep clean. After this we have to polish your marble floors.

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Polishing Your Marble Floor

To polish your floors we need specialised equipment and the correct diamond pads. We will very slightly polish your marble floors which will help bring them back to a shine and look amazing.

All of Our Work Is Backed By a Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason you are not happy with the cleaning and polishing of your marble floors, we will call back and do it again for free and if you’re still not happy, we will give you all of your money back – no questions asked.

money back guarantee

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