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The Average Power Washing Prices in Ireland

All power washing companies are different and will charge different prices for their services. Some will be cheap and some may do a poor job. Others will be expensive and they may do a great job and be insured. Before you focus on just the best price or the cheapest price for your power washing service, you should also consider if the pressure washing company you are going to hire is legit and trustworthy.

To check if the company you are about to hire is legit there’s a few things you can do.

  • Check if they have a high rating on Google, preferably 4.5 stars or more
  • Did a friend or family use their service and recommend them to you
  • They should give you a price for your power washing service and not try and upsell you when they arrive at your property
  • Make sure they arrive to your property in branded vans and are wearing branded uniforms
  • Ask them to see their insurance policy. All legit companies will be happy to oblige.
power washing block pavers

How Much Will Your Power Washing Service Cost?

To take your power washing prices into account we must look at what service you’re looking to get done. Are you looking to get a tarmac driveway cleaned? Was it not done in years and has heavy build up of moss?

If you haven’t looked after your property or have moved into a property that has been neglected then you will be charged more as it takes a lot more work and a lot more time to clean.

Power washing brick pavers involves blasting all the dirt and moss from in between the gaps and is a big job to carry out. You will also need to re-sand the joints which can only be done on a sunny day.

Minimum charges: Most power washing businesses will have a minimum charge. The price you could pay for this could be €50 – €150.

Price per Hour: Some power washing businesses will charge by the hour. Expect to pay €40 – €60 per hour if you live in Ireland.

Price per Square Foot: Other power washing companies in Ireland will charge by square foot. Depending on the job, if it’s a tarmac driveway you need cleaned or brick pavers that need re-sanding afterwards it will be more expensive. Expect to anything around the €2.5/sq meter range.

Showpiece Cleaning Power Washing Prices

I can’t speak for other businesses and tell you their prices but I can tell you some of mine. It’s hard to give you a full price via this blog because all jobs are so different. It’s best if you can contact me and we’ll arrange a quote. We can then give you a price if its tarmac, concrete or brick pavers that need to be power hosed.

For all power washing jobs we have a minimum charge of €100. This is because there’s a lot of setting up e.g filling up a water tank, getting the hoses ready and preparing the area that needs to be cleaned.

We stand by our work and do an excellent job. We are not the cheapest power washing company but we are insured and always make sure we look after your property and always try and do our best.

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